Sunday, 30 April 2017

April 2017

Still slow going, but definitely some improvement in getting some quilting done.

     I helped a neighbour last month and as a repayment she gave me a lovely gift ... I have already started to use the grey ... and it won't be long before the other colours are cut into bits!

     Joey's quilt is done and is waiting to find a way to Ontario.  It was quilted by TLC in Bedford (I had won a 'quilting' prize from them a couple years ago, so it was good to use that up). I've had a number of people say they really like it, but it really isn't my style. The use of complementary colours really makes it stand out (blue / orange with added grey).

    So with that done, I can now concentrate a bit on what I would rather be doing .... a possibility for a "Transitions" piece. The next SAQA Atlantic Canada show is running from April 2018 to spring 2019 and so far I have 4 galleries booked.  Our topic is "Transitions" and for awhile I was really stuck with what I would do with that. Every day, I watch the horizon of Halifax change  .. the whole city is in "transition". An "Aaha" moment.
I can continue my enjoyment of creating buildings and working on a variety of architectural styles.
     This photo is taken while standing on citadel hill, looking across Brunswick Street towards the construction of the new Trade Centre.
     Here's the start, laying out pieces ... I would rather not have the "For Lease" sign on the front of the building (mostly because I don't like doing print / letters) but I think that having it would show an additional transition stage. I should do a bit of background research ... I don't know the original purpose of the older building nor how old the building is.
     I will probably leave the cars out and the traffic lights in the foreground, but will add the light standards and the traffic lights directly in front of the building. ... And of course, the crane in the background is a must!

Sunday, 2 April 2017


March ... really not sorry to see you go.
     It's been a rough month: surgery, appointments, health scare, death, (not all the same person ... spread over several family members), additional responsibilities mixed in with a healthy dose of winter storms ...  enough stress and activities to take me away from two things I like to do the most: quilting and writing.

     A male friend of one of my daughters has requested a quilt for his bedroom in a mixture of grey/blues and oranges.  I gave him a few suggestions and then he found a picture on-line that he thought was a little more "manly": "Sedimentary" by Debbie Grifka. I modified what I saw and created a queen-sized quilt for him. 
     This is the top before I square it up & add a grey border and take if off to TLC quilters in Bedford, NS to have it machine quilted. 
     Certainly long enough to fit over a thick mattress.  The strips are a mixture of 2", 2.5" and 3".  I sewed it in 6 sections to help keep the strips from going wonky because no matter how much you try to sew a 1/4" seam on a long strip, it can (& will) shift!
     Time to get back to some art quilts. The next SAQA Atlantic show will be "Transitions" ... we already have the approval; I finished the corrections / editing on the paperwork (forms, eligibility, etc) yesterday and will send that off to headquarters. 3 galleries have agreed to host the show and I am still hoping a few more will offer some space soon .... but it does mean, that I can now start to work on a new creation!!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Little Things & Europe

     Sometimes life gets in the way, and the things you most like doing most are put on the back burner.  Both my writing and my quilting have been a little slow this month.
     I was cleaning up the quilting studio and came across a project from a few years ago that had pieces cut out but not sewn. A One Block Wonder hexie quilt had been the intention.
     Here is one sampling of laying the blocks out ... but I'm not liking it. As pretty as the colours are, they don't have enough contrast and the whole effect is busy and bland.  I found some Robert Kaufman plain fabric the exact shade of light blue and dark brown, cut out some triangles to put between the hexies and liked it even less.  The project is back in its container until a new wave of creative energy hits!

     So, something a little more exciting to work on.  I still have many wonderful pictures of my trip from almost a year ago. I had done an outline on my large Europe quilt of the dome of the Hotel (hospital) des Invalides  (hmmm ... don't know how to add the french accent to the "o" in hotel in Blogger). The final piece is 7 X 10 and will probably be used for the SAQA Atlantic Canada trunk show.
And the original

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

It's Been a Little While

One of the advantages of keeping a blog is to realize that when you think ... "what have I done for the past month?", there is actually work accomplished to be shown off and recorded!

     This year, for the first time, I decided to enter the Trend Tex Challenge for Quilt Canada. The topic is "Stitching a Canadian Memory" (lots of Canadian topics this year with our 150th birthday).

     The 5 fabrics arrived in November and after several puzzling days of how to use the multi-coloured fabric, I came up with a sailboat; a variation of the one I did for myself awhile ago in greys & yellows, as well as, a tribute to the first sailboat I see out in the Halifax Harbour in early spring which also is the last one to head to a winter berth for the fall.
     The five Trend Tex fat quarters ... they all work well together, but I am not crazy about the patterned block fabric. There are 2 categories to enter: the first in which you can only use their 5 fabrics and the 2nd where you can add fabrics of your own to complete your quilt.
     I stuck with the fabrics they sent. I made a mistake when quilting the water, creating lazy water flow then realized with the mainsail at such an angle, I would need to create waves to indicate there was a good wind blowing. After quilting the green in a random pattern, I ended up picking it all out and redoing it with outlines of trees and buildings suggesting the view I have across the harbour.

     New Year's Goals are a waste for me ... I never bother keeping them longer than a month, if that, so this year, I shall try to pick out a new goal each month and work on that. 

     January's goal was to use only scraps while quilting .... I am not sure that I even put a dent in the scrap pile, but I have created 3 single-sized tops that will eventually be quilted for a charitable cause.
     This one is a little busy ... but it is with random kid- patterned fabric. Each one has a green centre that matches the sashing; probably should have put a light or white centre to have it stand out a bit more.
     I had a little bin full of fabric left from sashings and bindings ... widths varying from 1 inch to 3 inches. Most of the narrower pieces went in to quilt-as-you-go place mats, which still need bindings done, and the rest went to a strippy quilt. The strippy quilt wasn't quite long enough for a single bed so I added extra sashing and borders.

     And since there were still days left in January, I decided to use up some scraps according to colour. Here are the turquoises, light blues & light greens. This still needs to be sewn together once I decide how much larger it should be. Again, fabric strip widths are random, leaving the white centres a little wonky.